Wild Game Processing 1

Wild Game Processing

Deer Cut & Wrap
$1.30 per lb

over 200 lbs - CW

Deer Skinning Fee
Deer Cleaning Fee
Elk Cut & Wrap
$1.30 per lb
Vacuum Packing
$0.30 per lb


Elk Skinning Fee
Waste Disposal
Meat presented
$1.20 per lb

Boned/trimmed and ready

*Vacuum sealed products may lose vacuum. We are NOT responsible for loss of vacuum.
CW – Carcass Weight
Weight in pounds (lb)

Wild Game Processing 1

Specialty Items Summer Sausage

Hot and Regular
$4.50 per lb
$4.60 per lb
$4.75 per lb
Jalapeno and Cheddar
$5.00 per lb

Fresh Breakfast Sausage

Regular, Hot, Chorizo
$4.25 per lb

Snack sticks

Weight in pounds (lb)